The Boathouse sits on 32 acres of land and overlooks the private 12-acre lake.

The Boathouse was renovated back in 2012 and we originally planned to use it for family & friends, but that didn't last long! In June of 2013, we hosted our own wedding on the property and the inquiries began to pile in. We opened the property to the public the following year and have since hosted over 2 dozen weddings, and have had locals and travelers from around the world, stay in the boathouse!

Outside of property management, we are both budding entrepreneurs - 

Dusty is a contractor, and does everything from custom woodworking & home remodeling, to landscape design. (He actually worked on everything you see here on the property!)

Erin is a health and wellness advocate, blogger, lab technician, and the assistant manager at her family-owned medical wellness and aesthetics clinic, SouthPointe Family Physicians.  

We come together as property managers and lifestyle coaches. We are passionate about helping others achieve health & wellness by getting back to the basics: Eat, Move, & Rest! Through one-on-one, group meetings, workshops, & retreats - we help others become healthier, happier, and live optimal lives! Learn More @ EatMoveRest.com